What I'm doing now

Senior Designer @Dudek
Contractor @Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena

Senior graphics and data journalist with the Los Angeles Times Data Visualization Department

Selected samples

Infographics for investigation into Unreinforced Masonry Buildings
Reporting, mapping, data visualization and infographics for story on quake-vulnerable Inland Empire structure.
Reporting, writing and infographics explaining range and origin of North Korea's Missile technology.
Maps and story on debris flow potential in area of Thomas Fire. 
Infographics for Pulitzer Prize
 winning investigative project on the Harrier jet.
Interactive graphics for "Billions To Spend," winner of the Bingham Prize for investigative journalism.
Interactive graphics for "Inside The Cartel" illustrating how drugs are transported across borders.

Article list on muckrack.


Adobe Creative Suites

Strata 3D

Cinema 4D

Audio recording/production/composing

Pro Tools/Audacity

After Effects



Guitarist /vocalist performing with multiple bands throughout Southern California.  

Available for performance, recording, writing and audio production.